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2021-04-10 · In a marvellous cameo written about himself in the middle of a textbook published near to the end of his life entitled How to do Theory (2006), Iser explains that his theoretical explorations arose not from philosophy (although they owe an obvious and acknowledged debt to phenomenology), but out of a recognition that the study of literature was in a state of crisis in the 1950s. Wolfgang Iser (1926- ), who is considered to be one of the most prominent figures in Reception Theory, points out the importance of this literary process, as well. Iser takes a phenomenological approach to Reception Theory and he “decontextualizes and dehistoricizes interpretation of Wolfgang Iser and quests into his Reception Theory in the following seven facets the elongation of signification, the indicative reader model; the functionalist model of text; performing the intentionality of reading Textteoretikern Wolfgang Iser (1926-) presenterar sin läsaktsteori i The act of Reading-A Theory of Aesthetic Response (1978). Enligt Iser består läsningen av samverkan mellan struk-turer i texten och läsaren: läsarens förväntningar och associationer aktiveras av textstrategier av olika slag. Wolfgang Iser is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California at Irvine. He is recognized as the founding theorist behind reception theory. His publications include the classic theoretical texts, The Implied Reader: Patterns of Communication from Bunyan to Beckett (1978) and The Act of Reading: A Theory of Aesthetic Response (1979).

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Ende der Vorstellung – die Poesie der Medien. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Iser, Wolfgang. (1978).

He is recognized as the founding theorist behind reception theory.

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Therefore, while reading meaning we have to consider two things – the actual text & the actions involved in responding to the text. In seiner Wirkungsästhetik formulierte Iser die Theorie, dass ein literarischer Text seine Wirkung erst im Akt des Lesens entfaltet. Dadurch wertet Iser den Leser gegenüber den beiden Instanzen Autor und Text erheblich auf, da nun der vom Autor geschaffene Text seine Wirkung niemals ohne einen Leser entfalten kann. Professor Wolfgang Iser of the Department of English, University of California, Irvine, died January 24, 2007, in Constance, Germany.

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by Beata  *Culler, Jonathan, Literary Theory, A Very Short Introduction (1997) (kap. **Iser, Wolfgang, The Implied Reader: Patterns of Communication in Prose Fiction  snarare än genom psykologiska eller historiska studier, vilket Wolfgang Iser the triadic theory of semiotics that depends upon psychological theory, and so  the narrative about the life of Jesus alongside them. It utilises Wolfgang Iser's theory about reading and readers and focuses on gaps and vacancies in the text. Vives' Christian normative understanding of reception and modern reception theory is identified as a version of what Wolfgang Iser has called the classical norm  Theory , 7,5 hp. Grading: Fail (U) Author: Iser, Wolfgang. Title: Kapitel 8: "Narrative Theory 1966-2006: A Narrative", s. 283-336.

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Wolfgang Iser, literary scholar: born Marienberg, Germany 22 July 1926; How to Do Theory, published a few months ago, Iser described the changes that he helped to bring about. This succinct introduction to modern theories of literature and the arts demonstrates how each theory is built and what it can accomplish. Represents a wide variety of theories, including phenomenological theory, hermeneutical theory, gestalt theory, reception theory, semiotic theory, Marxist theory, deconstruction, anthropological theory, and feminist theory. Iser examines what happens during the reading process, and how it is basic to the development of a theory of aesthetic response, setting in motion a chain of events that depends both on the text and the exercise of certain human faculties. Wolfgang Iser > Quotes Wolfgang Iser quotes Showing 1-2 of 2 “This is why, when we have been particularly impressed by a book, we feel the need to talk about it; we do not want to get away from it by talking about it—we simply want to understand more clearly what it is in which we have been entangled. Keywords: reader-response theory, Wolfgang Iser, reading process, meaning Palabras clave: teoría de la recepción, Wolfgang Iser, proceso de lec-tura, significado Reader-response theory focuses mainly on the readers and their relationship with the text to create or generate meaning.
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The Act of Reading. A Theory of Aestethic Response. Baltimore and London: The John Hopkins University Press, 1980.

The Act of Reading. A Theory of Aesthetic Response (London, 1978) Rådström, Pär: Ro utan åror. Jan 1961.
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Ende der Vorstellung – die Poesie der Medien. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Iser, Wolfgang.

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Primarily I  Titel: How to Do Theory. Författare: Wolfgang Iser. ISBN: 9781405115803. Vikt på bok: 500 g. Utgivare: John Wiley & Sons. Utgivningsdatum: 20050731  The act of reading : a theory of aesthetic response / by Wolfgang Iser. Av: Iser, Wolfgang.